Danny’s Palms & More have literally thousands of container grown palms and landscape plants, including the ever-popular Queen, Bangalow, Pony Tails, Draco, Kentia, Butia, Dypsis Baronii, Fishtail, Date Palm, the beautiful native Nikaus, Cycads multi headed Yuccas and many more …

We can help you create a landscape you have always dreamed about. They have the expertise and experience that you can trust. We work with the general public, and to landscapers, designers and developers. We also offer a FREE Landscape Design Consultation.

Once you have completed your landscape we can follow up with ongoing garden maintenance.

With thousands of Palms and Landscape plants ….

  • … in bags
  • … on display
  • … ready to plant NOW!
  • From small to extra large (4 metres plus)

The team at Danny’s Palms & More can do a deal FOR YOU ! Phone 021 442 313