Danny’s Palms & More

We grow 95% of palms and landscaping plants on the property. They are grown in bags out in the natural environment, sun, wind and rain. This creates a strong healthy palm / plant that will thrive when planted straight in the ground or a pot.

Auckland experiences variable weather conditions. When a plant has not been grown in a transportable bag, or was grown under a shade cloth/glasshouse, it is not hardened to natural environmental conditions. When planted outside it can cause stress to the plant, which may result in the plant not establishing itself as quickly.

At Dannys we have been growing palms and landscaping plants for over 25 years and we stock a wide variety of palms and plants to suit any landscape and budget, from young plants, grasses and ground cover to very mature Palms and trees that can make a feature your landscape that WOW factor.

Whether you are looking to refresh your garden or creating a whole new look, Danny’s Palms & More have the expertise and experience that you can trust. They will help you choose the plants best suited to your situation and provide supporting advice/services what will meet your needs.

FREE Landscape Design

At Danny’s Palms & More we offer a FREE landscape design service. When you are looking at transforming your garden, we can come to your premises and advise on what could work for you depending on the look you would like and we can cater for any budget.

As we grow our own palms and plants you also have the benefit of wholesale pricing.

As we are landscapers who grow our own Palms and Plants we are able to bring a selection of plants and place them before planting so that you can change and move or add as suits.

Garden Maintenance

Once you have transformed your garden if you need support in maintaining the garden we offer a service to up keep your garden, weeding, trimming, fertilizing etc.

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